Current share buy-back status

As of close of market on 20 September 2019, the number of ordinary shares purchased by Imperial Brands as part of its current share buy-back was 4,482,338 shares acquired at a total market value of £96,664,413.84.

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Announcement 8 July 2019

Share buy-back programme

Imperial Brands PLC (the "Company") announced on 8 July 2019 its intention to commence a share buy-back programme (the "Programme") of up to £200 million.  The Company also announces that it has instructed its broker, Barclays Bank PLC, acting through its investment bank ("Barclays") to purchase its shares (acting as principal) for immediate on-sale to the Company up to the value of £200 million in aggregate, commencing from 10 July 2019. 

The Company's shareholders generally authorised the Company to purchase up to a maximum of 95,370,000, with this authority granted at the 2019 Annual General Meeting held on 6 February 2019. Pursuant to such authority, the Company intends to purchase shares during the period commencing 10 July 2019 and ending no later than 31 December 2019. The aggregate number of shares acquired by the Company pursuant to the Programme shall not exceed the maximum number of shares which the Company is authorised to purchase pursuant to such general authorities. It is intended that any shares repurchased under the Programme will be cancelled. 

The purpose of the Programme is to reduce the capital of Imperial Brands plc. Any purchases of shares by the Company in relation to the Programme will be carried out in accordance with (and subject to the limits prescribed by) the Company's general authority to repurchase shares granted by its shareholders, the Market Abuse Regulation 596/2014, the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1052 and Chapter 12 of the Financial Conduct Authority's Listing Rules.